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Located in Historic Uptown Yucaipa, off of the 10 Freeway, Brewcaipa Brewing Company is Yucaipa's only brewery.

Founding Brewcaipa

Brewcaipa Brewing Company was founded by Scott and Kate Daniels of Yucaipa. Brewcaipa started as a hobby when Kate surprised Scott with a home brew set for his birthday many years ago. Scott’s passion for beer brewing grew into an idea that Yucaipa should have a good brewery, Yucaipa deserves a good brewery and so it was Created, Brewcaipa. Originally a 1-3 barrel system was proposed using a strip mall store that was currently vacant, the plan was in motion. Tragically on May 25, 2014 Scott, a Fire Captain with the City of Loma Linda was critically injured while fighting a fire where he suffered a 12,000 volt shock which nearly ended his life and did end his career.

Life stood still for Scott during his recovery. Now facing an early retirement a brewery became more of a way to provide than a dream. After several months of Rehab Scott was able to pursue his dream of Building Brewcaipa. Many building sites were visited and a trip to City Hall was in order to question the placement of a production brewery. That’s when Scott met City Manager Ray Casey and Director of Community development Paul Toomey. When they heard the idea of a brewery coming to town a collaborative idea was presented to Brewcaipa. The City had recently purchased an abandoned building in uptown Yucaipa. The first conceptual idea was to build a restaurant and micro brewery, but after seeing the building, Brewcaipa saw the potential for a large scale brewing facility. And so it was, Brewcaipa would partner with the city of Yucaipa to build a brewery. It took almost 2 years to renovate and prepare the building before the first batch of beer was ready and on March 16, 2017 Brewcaipa opened its doors, bringing craft beer to the great people of Yucaipa.

Scott Daniels

Raised in Southern California and a Yucaipa High School Alumni Scott with his Wife Kate and son live in Yucaipa and are proud to call Yucaipa home. Scott has over 20 years fire service experience working with several agencies like the US Forest Service, San Bernardino County, City of Hemet and Loma Linda. Scott also worked for FEMA and the Regional Incident Management teams helping during disasters and large wildfires. Scott is a Certified Fire Chief with the State of California and is now the Chief of Brewcaipa Brewing Co..

Kate Daniels

Kate, Scott’s wife is a native of Yucaipa, having lived here her whole life she has seen many changes to her hometown. A retired insurance agent and full time mom, Kate stands by Scott to build a dream that has brought purpose back to his life. Kate manages the back of the house at Brewcaipa and is the glue that holds Brewcaipa together.

Derek Bougie 

Derek an Orange County Native began his Brewing Career at Newport Beach Brewing Company in 2010 and as a Contact brewer for Cismontane for the last year. Scott and Derek have been friends for 10 years and when Scott proposed this crazy idea to Derek 5 years ago he was immediately on board. Derek is an avid artist with several paintings on display at Brewcaipa. Derek holds several home brewing awards and regional awards for his beers that have been recognized around the world. Derek now brews full time at Brewcaipa bringing new and fresh ideas to all of us.

Bryan Daniels

Bryan is Scotts twin brother, the biz. Bryan is the jack of all trades at Brewcaipa. Scott and Bryan built this place, everything you see here is a testament to the bond of brothers and a mission. A hand built brewery by the best of friends. Bryan, a Fire Captain with San Manuel lives in Beaumont with his wife and 2 children. Brewcaipa would not have been possible without this guy, The end.
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